Material Needed: –

  • An Art Journal
  • Pencils or Pens

We all have scribbled random lines or drawings in our notebooks in school, college. And we often do it now, during discussions, while talking. Have you ever observed how relaxing it is? When in stress, take a paper, pen or pencil, one can use colored pencils and pens also, start drawing lines randomly. Straight lines, curved lines, using graphite pencils or colored pencils. Think about emotions or thoughts which disturb you, throw you off balance, and draw. Apply pressure on your strokes, dark lines, light lines, let your hand flow.

You can repeat this exercise with your eyes closed also. I do this at times. And every time the flow is different and at a point, I get so engrossed in the process I forget about everything. The beautiful strokes are a different work of art. Try doing this on canvas with colors in squeeze bottles and you can create amazing abstract paintings.

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