No.1 Monster Green!!!

The Colour Green lies between Blue and Yellow on the colour spectrum. Every colour speaks a lot about self and our personality. Green speaks a lot about balance, compassion, nurturing. It’s a colour of freshness, energy, youthfulness, peace for me. I enjoy using all the hues of Green in my paintings. Somewhere they reflect my inner most feelings also. My connect with nature gets reflected in my paintings.

Getting your greens right in balance is very important not only in paintings but also in and around us. For me spending time with my plants energises me, connects me with the spirit in them and me.

I also love surrounding myself with crystals and Jade Crystal symbolic of gentleness, harmony, balance is my favourite.

When I speak about the abundance or lack of any colour in our body or around us, it’s about the significance of them to point out the imbalances in our system. If we are drawn to colour green, we need to check that are we holding onto any grief or anger. It has been my personal experience that at different times I am drawn to different colours and knowingly and unknowingly they come in my existence.

When we hold onto negative emotions of hurt, anger they get emphasized and blocks our growth. The biggest lesson here for us is forgiveness.

Colours hold huge healing properties and they help us release our energy blocks.

 Which side of the balance you find green colour in your life? Where around you see its existence? Leave your experiences in the comments section below.

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