Mandala Art

Material Needed: –

  • An Art Journal
  • Pencil
  • Compass to draw circle
  • Ruler

Mandalas are a great stress buster. The whole process of making a Mandala helps in promoting mindfulness, focus, attention and relaxing our mind. Mandalas drawing represents our subconscious mind.

You can follow proper techniques to draw a Mandala Art or just start with drawing a circle and then follow your instincts to go ahead with drawing the design. One shall not get overwhelmed by the process. Mandala drawing is like a meditation, where the symbols, shapes emanate from the central dot. Uniformity and the synchronicity is the key. Just Playing any soothing music along-with the process is very relaxing.

I am sharing here a Mandala Design for you to follow. It’s very simple and easy to follow. Draw a circle of the size you want. From the centre point divide it into different sections. From the Centre point we’ll start making our pattern. You can follow the way it is shown in the image or it can be something totally different coming from you. It need not be in any particular format. Just go with the flow. You can use any shape or any type of lines, to make the design. They can be made using any Medium- Pen, Pencils, Colours — purely your call…


So what are you waiting for. Go ahead with your exclusive mandalas and feel free to share in the comments section.

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