JANANI – The Birthing Mother

In Hindi JANANI means the one who gives Birth, Maa, Mother. We call the Feminine DEVI, we worship Devi Along with Dev. For centuries we have been plagued by the syndrome called ‘Male Child’, nothing against Men personally, but still there are sections in our society who are so keen to have a boy as their offspring, as they believe it’s the son who will carry their Blood Line/ Lineage forward.

This is very sad that still we have to run the programme “Save The Girl Child’ in our society to protect the unborn fetuses, to ensure that girls are educated, they get access to schools, and further down the line to protect from getting married as early as at the age of 14,15 ,16 or so on… Even now there are women in our society who are just 25 and already are mothers of 4-5 kids and mostly girls, and their eldest child is the age of 11-12 years old. I get chills looking at these women, who have not only gone through so much of grill of having babies non-stop for having a boy child, as it’s expected by their husbands and families and they do it willingly or unwillingly, consciously- subconsciously. Above all of this, they are working to support themselves and their kids as their husbands are good for nothing- neck deep in drinking, gambling or what not and abusing their wives of all what they can think about to demean and insult them. So much of torture and pain they go through in their lives that and they see it happening so commonly that it becomes a normal way of life for them and its difficult for them to get out of all this ad they don’t have that kind of support system to break free from these chains.

Because of this having a male child obsession, we witness so many murders of female fetuses happening that governments are forced to ban sexual determination tests all over our country. I would not like to go in those demographics, but I see so many programmes are run by governments and various social welfare organizations doing their work in those fields to make people aware and educate on the matter and this is a humongous task. Don’t know how many generations will pass on before this whole thinking shifts across all segments of society.

Today here what I am going to focus on the balance of our creation JANANI-JANAK, YIN-YANG energies. The creation comes out of Masculine as well as Feminine energies. Though in physical manifestation we see it as a male body and female body coming together to procreate life. The Yin Yang we see, we meditate on, focus on, is all about the balance of masculine and feminine energies and it just doesn’t speak about male to female ratio, it’s also about balancing these energies in every being.

Be it a male or a female we all have masculine and feminine energies, it’s high time that we tend to the feminine aspect of nature. Feminine has been crushed down for ages. If we look around the way we have treated nature, the way women have been suppressed for centuries, we all are a witness to this. Even males have been pressed so hard with taking charge of everything, that they also have forgotten to be gentle and soft.

Masculine aspect of life is about Giving and Feminine is about receiving. We have forgotten to receive the bounty of nature, the love and peace. It’s high time that now we relax a bit, instead of forcing ourselves on nature, we let her take charge and flourish and spread life evenly on the planet. The Feminine aspect is on rise and the Nature has given ample evidence to the Humans to slow down and assist the Nature in bringing in Harmony, else we have seen the Nature is working it’s way.

The NEW EARTH is pushing the FEMININE on forefront. Let’s acknowledge and worship THE FEMININE in it’s true essence. The Earth is shifting into new consciousness and all old systems- be it social, human culture and behaviors, political and economic situations, all vibrating at lower vibrations will cease to exist as we know them.

We Humans have to shift our vibrations in order to be in resonance with these higher energies in this new higher plane.

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