Folk Art

Folk Paintings are visually simple yet decorative consisting of some common but specific designs and patterns which classify them. They add an ideal aesthetic look to your space owing to the beautiful and bold burst of colours, decorative elements, geometric shapes and story-telling. Among the other art in your space, Folk Paintings offer an artistic window into what an ancient culture looked like.

Folk Art speaks volumes about the cultural heritage of a society. Though times have changed a lot but still our living today has deep roots in those days. Through these art forms we get to know how the Art forms have evolved in the society and how it has been an intrinsic part of human society. They speak volumes about day to day life as well as mythological content too. Most of the times we see that our scriptures get portrayed in these crafts and artworks. It’s interesting to see that how these art forms have been followed religiously for generations.

India is known for its diverse culture and traditions. Every region portrays the folk tales and stories from different scriptures. In India most of these paintings revolve around Shiva, Sri Ram , Shri Krishna and other Gods and Goddesses and also establishes the close connect between nature and humans. When one looks deeply in these art forms their basic working styles are so similar, whereas outwardly they look so different.

Folk Paintings are visual arts that represent the ethnicity and traditions of the native people. They’re all highly unique and distinct, portraying a medley of the community and traditions.

Incorporating a Folk Painting in your collection signifies the acknowledgement of or powerful cultural heritage. Being an intrinsic part of our history, it expresses the visual documentation of ‘what came before us.’ This drives us to recognize the everyday and actual lives of the people of your society in the past.

It’s a matter of pride for me to try to connect with them and learn the detailing that goes in their making. Which are the popular folk arts in your part of this world ? What folk arts you like and why, do leave your suggestions and thoughts in the comment section.

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