“Do You Know Your Colours?”

Born and Brought up in Rajasthan, I have always been surrounded by Bright Colours. 

Rajasthan being a desert land,dry land, people surround themselves with adding up lots of colours in form of colourful clothes,colours in foods, beautiful stones used to make homes.

Colours play a very important role in our life. Our aura, chakras all are associated with different colours. I firmly believe that the Human Behaviour and Health are widely influenced by the energy of Colour and by the planets, the rays of light reflected from Gems and Stones, Crystals, and the Flowers and Plants around us. 

Our Chakras, our energy centers can be realigned by using different remedies, but colours also play a very important role. Colours are very powerful and colour therapy can benefit the physical, emotional, mental health and have a lasting affect on our energies. 

We all have our own preferences for certain colours. The presence of a particular colour around us have a significant meaning. Studying the abundance or lack of any colour in and around us help in understanding different aspects of our personality.

In art world,we speak about Colours as Warm, Cool, Complementary, Neutral and so on. But today I am going to talk about them from a subjective view point. A same colour can evoke different reactions in different people. Everyone associate with them differently. Cultural differences also add to these dynamics.

Being an Artist, my day and night belongs to Colours. In this series on different Colours I am going to share my connect and experiences with different Colours.

Let’s make these series colourful for you and me.

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2 comments on ““Do You Know Your Colours?”

Well written. It’s incredible how colours affect our mental well-being.

yes they have a deep impact on us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts ranji pillai.

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