Art Therapy Exercises

Art Therapy

“ART enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”- Thomas Merton Art can or is rather seen as a way to decorate your home, office spaces, or to be hanged on museum walls. But Art serves other purposes too. We may have lost our connect with art in our day to day life as a powerful […]
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Material Needed: – An Art Journal Pencils or Pens We all have scribbled random lines or drawings in our notebooks in school, college. And we often do it now, during discussions, while talking. Have you ever observed how relaxing it is? When in stress, take a paper, pen or pencil, one can use colored pencils and pens also, start drawing […]
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Mandala Art

Material Needed: – An Art Journal Pencil Compass to draw circle Ruler Mandalas are a great stress buster. The whole process of making a Mandala helps in promoting mindfulness, focus, attention and relaxing our mind. Mandalas drawing represents our subconscious mind. You can follow proper techniques to draw a Mandala Art or just start with drawing a circle and then […]
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