Birthing Of New

Destruction and Rebirth happen simultaneuosly, this is the only truth. We often get too attached to Birth and forget that Death is the ultimate reality, be it of Body, of thoughts, of mind……something has to go to give birth to new…..when things start to rot either you bring in the change or the Nature will take its own course.

The Earth is ushering in new era….it’s high time we accept this and bring in new ways of living, let go of those old ways howsoever you are attached to them. We human beings get so used to of certain ways of living that even today we are searching answers for ” When will things get back normal? ” We are not realizing that this is new normal, where we have to evolve , come up with new ways of living in Every Area of Life- be it Education, Day to Day Life, Jobs, Health, Travelling, Rituals etc..

Look at the good part of all these, you move in small circles, you are more close with your family and close relations, you have started valuing time, you are saving on energy…The List is long ….

Change is the only TRUTH, those who adapt to it, win- Those who are resistant wither away….

It’s time to adopt and adapt new ways…..let go off all the fear…this is the chakra of life, you never know what’s around the corner, you know only what’s there in front of you…. let go of all your inhibitions, be in self, be in you..

Shutting down is not a way to live. Owe up your responsibility towards self and others and come together to build a new society, new life full of Hope and Happiness. It’s time for exploring the NEW, inside us and around us. Today I was watching an advertisement about How festivals can be celebrated together keeping in mind social distancing….such a beautiful concept. There is no need to shut life, its time to grow out together of the current situation

Slowing down always brings in positivity…..connect to self, be confident, be strong and live life with full grit and awareness….Let’s set up a new world, a new order, solutions to current issues…..

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Beautiful Truth

Thanks Jasmin Patel.

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