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The Story Behind It

“There is no must in Art, because Art is free.” Wassily Kandinsky. It is so rightly said, and for me this journey in the world of Art has been a free fall. Like Van Gogh said, “The only time I feel alive is when I am Painting.”

Even though I did my graduation in Economics and Masters in Business Management my heart was always in my Art. My journey with Paintings began during my secondary school wherein I was introduced to colors and different styles and medium of paintings by an art instructor. Though I never thought of picking up art as a career at that point, my connect with the art world that started at that point of time has kept me going till now, has been alive in me through every thick and thin.
Have been doing commissioned work and guiding others in their art passion for years. With time we all grow in work, in our personal space. And now in that flow, comes up this idea for starting up with my Blog.
As a woman at times we get so engrossed in carrying on our day to day duties, that we don’t prioritize ourselves. Life takes on its own twists and turns and we get burdened with the self- expectations or those of others. Somewhere we lose our own individuality or it takes a back seat. But all through this one thing I was sure of I didn’t want to let go of myself down the lane. And perhaps that’s why I was always soaked in, in my paintings and took up teaching art from home. That little corner in my life has kept me strive through my own battles of life. And that’s where when I see other women running around and going up and down through their own fears and insecurities, these art sessions help them destress and rejuvenate.

I personally have felt the healings that came to me being surrounded with my paintings and creativity, have always kept me positive, upbeat about Life.

The idea behind coming up with this Blog is to share with you all, the thoughts, the journey I have undertaken in healing myself. Last few years have gone in studying, developing and practicing different art therapies, breathing practices in accordance with our life styles. To establish a connect with own self, our body and mind is so important.

I share these learnings and experiences of mine, in different art therapy sessions, energy healing sessions, and various meditation practices.
There are innumerable Art Memories which I’ll be sharing at different points.
The Experiments with ART section speak about different Art Practices one can do, for various reasons.
Hope you all enjoy reading about my connect with Art and Healings and practicing these little exercises which I myself have done at times, and many people in my  Community have been following.

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” A Painting is not a Picture of an Experience: it is an Experience.” Mark Rothko

We need to do work that makes us come alive.Work is the ultimate form of self-expression. At every step I master this craft of mine, sharpen my skills. It breathes in new life in me and vice versa. My Paintings are a full expression of my personality. Painting is my passion, it’s a way of life for me.

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